​We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity 

Through Project ADAPT,  we provide dental and oral care treatment to low-income and vulnerable older adults who are not receiving it and/or are unable to access it.   Dental care and treatment is a basic health care need that most of us take for granted.  Yet, it is unavailable to too many of our  elder parents, spouses, relatives,  friends and neighbors.  We are determined to change this condition.

Project ADAPT - Oral Care and Health

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Enjoying What We All Enjoy

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Community Participation

Community Awareness

"Getting Out of the House"

Respite gives a chance to have a break from the difficult, stressful and unrelenting responsibilities caregivers face in caring for their loved ones.  Many of the respite activities are similar to the events and outings (Enriching Lives) we sponsor, but also includes beauty salon visits, dinner vouchers, gift cards and special events for caregivers and their families and for special "me" time.   We also provide support to caregivers and those they care for to help make the caregiver's job a bit easier.

We provide "under the radar" support to Veterans, returning active military personnel and their families  who are convalescing and receiving care at Veterans' Affairs Medical Centers and other military hospitals, as well as through our affiliation with several Fisher Houses.  This support includes events and outings (Enriching Lives) and also support tailored to provide more time-sensitive assistance  -- auto fuel cards, grocery store food and meal cards, department store gift cards for clothing, supplies, etc.    

Enriching Lives Program Benefits

We are passionate about providing social, entertainment and educational events and outings - theater, museums, professional sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey), "out-to-eat" lunches and dinners, visits to zoos, parks, boat cruises, bowling, movies, and much more.  Our goal is to get people "out of the house" for physical and mental stimulation - to enjoy the sorts of things we all enjoy in our lives and on which we thrive.  We encourage active lifestyles and interaction in the community.  

 Veterans and Returning Military Support

Caregiver Respite and Support

Enriching Lives - Therapeutic Outings and Activities

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This program is designed to foster and encourage activity-based flower and gardening clubs and projects at long-term care residences.   Residents drive these efforts, including getting out to plant nurseries to purchase flowers and plants and then "digging in the dirt" for physical activity.  Residents involved in these programs are passionate about gardening!