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We initially established The Fenwick Foundation because we wanted to disrupt and change the palpable sense of boredom, isolation and loneliness that exists for too many, particularly those living in nursing homes, VA hospitals and other long-term care facilities.  We later expanded our mission to address these same issues for those who live at home and for the increasing number of caregivers who need respite and support.   Lastly, with our dental care initiative, we are providing a basic health care need.   Research and our own personal experiences underscore that improved quality of life has a definite positive impact on health and wellbeing.  Our programs have been shown to have fundamental impact to those we serve.  They give individuals something to look forward to, encourage socialization, tackle isolation and loneliness and promote community.  In addition, our extensive collaborations with other organizations (e.g., Kennedy Center, Feld Entertainment, Washington Nationals, Washington Wizards, and many more) increase awareness and community involvement.  


Our efforts are designed to broaden community awareness about the needs of and challenges faced by older adults living in long-term care residences and in the community.  We actively collaborate with vendors and community groups to provide a wide variety of arts, music, educational, and other events and activities as well as lunches and dinners at restaurants.  We have been consistently impressed with the attention and assistance that staffs at venues give to our groups and guests (e.g., staff at Capital One Arena, Washington Nationals, Kennedy Center, area restaurants, and museums) – they take them “under their wings” and make sure they get extra special treatment. 
​Another example of the quality of our partnerships is our 
Fresh Faces Initiative, a collaboration with the Washington School of Photography.  Fresh Faces was designed to provide professional, studio-quality photographic portraits of our individuals for themselves and their families/significant others.  The video of this program tells the story best.  >>>  

Enriching Lives ... One at a Time

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​The Fenwick Foundation Award is presented in recognition of the special commitment to and generosity towards older adults, Veterans, and others with special needs.  We have been honored to partner with amazing community groups, businesses and individuals over the years in order to achieve our mission. 

​The Fenwick Award has been
presented to the ​following
​community partners:

2016--Washington Art Works
2018--Feld Entertainment
2019--Fort Myer Thrift Shop

We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Thomas Fonseca
  Founder, Chairman and President
Alexander Gorny
Founder, Secretary and Executive Director
Richard Belle Isle
Sheila Cronin                  Kari Galloway
Sara Greenberg              David Hanscom
Melisa Loewe                  Terri Lynch
Janet Rose                      Elizabeth Shannon

The Fenwick Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity focused on improving quality of life, health and wellbeing in ways that are not addressed or “below the radar.”  We provide oral care and treatment as well as a wide range of therapeutic recreational, cultural and educational outings and economic support to low-income and vulnerable seniors, veterans and returning active military personnel, people with disabilities and caregivers.