Key Impacts of Enriching Lives Program

​Better quality of life and wellbeing

Reduced isolation and loneliness

Improved general disposition, psychological health & outlook

Increased physical activity and community interaction

Enhanced relationships/interactions among program participants and facility staff

Enhanced relationships/interactions among program participants

Enriching Lives Opportunities and Activities

  • Sporting Events: Major League Baseball Games, NBA Basketball Games, NFL Football Games, WNBA Basketball Games, and more
  • Theatrical and Musical Performances
  • Museum, Zoo, and Historical Park Visits
  • Seasonal Events- Seasonal song performances, Light Shows, Nutcracker performances, and more
  • Lunches and Dinners Out or special catered, in-facility meals for residents
  • Our Fresh Faces Initiative- special photo sessions and prints for residents
  • Bowling Trips​
  • and Many, Many More!


We are passionate about providing social, entertainment and educational opportunities for low-income individuals to attend theater, museums, professional sporting events (baseball, hockey, basketball, football), group lunches and dinners out, visits to zoos, parks, river cruises, bowling, movies, etc.  This program addresses the needs of older adults, veterans and returning active military personnel, people with disabilities and caregivers.  Our goal is to get people “out-of-the-house” for physical and mental stimulation and activities, and to enjoy the sorts of things we all enjoy in our lives and on which we thrive.

Enriching Lives Program

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