The Need
Too many people do not receive any significant dental care and suffer from general poor dental health, including a full range of dental maladies including periodontal disease, dental caries (tooth decay) and abscess.  Good oral care is essential to overall health and well-being.  Even where care can be afforded or paid for, the logistical impediments quite often render care unattainable.  Many can’t get to a dental office because the logistics of physically transporting them as well as other in-office impediments, are arduous and overwhelming.   In addition, clinical issues - physical and cognitive challenges faced by patients – too often result in no treatment.   We are working to overcome these access impediments and change this condition. 

​   * ​Improved oral health and hygiene  *  Lessened pain and discomfort  *  Improved ability to eat and enjoy food  
*  Improved overall health  *  Improved quality of life and wellbeing


Dental Procedures ​Performed

Key Impacts

Community Engagement
We planned and executed our initiative with input and recommendations from government officials, nonprofit partners, long-term care staff and management, and community advocates.  Engagement is key to our program success.  

Fluoride Varnish Application
Caries Arresting Silver Diamine Fluoride Application
Anterior/Posterior Composite Resin Caries Restoration (1-4 Surfaces)
Dental Scaling & Root planning (1-4 Teeth/Quadrant)
Gingival Irrigation

Project ADAPT is focused on overcoming financial, logistical and clinical access impediments, ensuring that patients have access to care and receive care – comprehensive care.  We work to identify the best approaches for treatment – with a focus on bringing the dentist to the patient utilizing portable and mobile dentistry, oral hygiene education and creating a dental home. 

Project ADAPTutilizes available payment sources – grants and donations, insurance reimbursement, and/or family pay.  It employs creative approaches to make it easier to provide treatment.  For example, nursing home patients are scheduled in groups for facility-based checkups, cleaning, and treatment.  

Project ADAPT is not only a program but also a model for how to provide our patients access to dental care – and to make sure they receive it.  We work with partners – long-term care management and staff, nonprofits and government agencies – to identify/define patients needing care, clinical reviews, scheduling, treatment/follow up, and to provide education/training to promote oral hygiene.

Project ADAPTis designed to address what we consider to be a major “below the radar” need.  Our overriding goal is to make oral care possible for many who otherwise can’t get access to it. 



Fenwick's Dental Van in Action!

Comprehensive oral evaluation
Oral Cancer Screening
Full Mouth Series / X-Rays
Bitewing X-Rays
Periapical X-Rays

PROJECT ADAPT​-  Adult Dental Access, Prevention and Treatment

About Our Initiative
New ways and methods are needed to garner dental care resources for those needing dental care.  As such, we believe that our initiative is innovative – adapting and adjusting to the challenges our patients face to keep themselves healthy.  Project ADAPT emphasizes coordination, collaboration and employment of system change to encourage more needed dental treatment.       

​Periodontal / Gum Disease Evaluation
Denture Adjustments (Full / Partial)
Denture Reline (Soft/Chairside)

Changing No to Yes!
Our initiative and focus have helped to change thinking about the efficacy of oral care for our target group. This underlying shifting of “can’t do” to “can do” is a fundamental and so important for the success of this initiative.

Project ADAPT is focused on providing needed dental care and treatment to low-resource and vulnerable older adults and immigrant-status adults. Far too many are unable to access this essential health care need.


  Project ADAPT



Full Mouth Prophylaxis/Cleaning
Full Mouth Debridements
Scaling in Presence of Moderate-Severe Inflammation
Tooth Extraction
Crown Re-Cementing

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