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We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

The Fenwick Foundation has launched a new program to provide needed eye exams, vision checkups and eyeglasses for our target populations.  We work with thousands of low-resource older adults, immigrant-status adults, veterans and active military, individuals with disabilities and caregivers – and too many of them cannot afford and/or do not have insurance for this basic need.  We are determined to change this condition. 

​   * ​Improved vision  *  Improved overall health  *  Improved quality of life and wellbeing

About Our Initiative
Our program is designed to provide patients with free needed checkups from eyecare professionals and to then ensure that they receive free prescription-based eyeglasses.  As with our other programs, we handle all the logistical necessities for patients in preparation for their checkups and eyeglass fittings.  The program focuses on providing on-site treatment sessions (at a nursing home, for example), given the special needs and logistical access challenges faced by patients. 

We also ensure that referrals are made for any needed extensive eye examinations, checkups and care so that patients and their families are aware of needs and can plan accordingly for follow up.

Vision Initiative **NEW**

The Need
Vision loss can negatively impact a person's overall health and well-being.   As we age, we are at more risk for vision loss, but in many cases that loss is preventable.  However, one in five older adults have not had a vision check in over three years.  The vast majority of those who don't get needed treatment could not afford it and/or did not have insurance to cover the costs.  

Key Impacts


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