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In 2016, we honored Washington ArtWorks with The Fenwick Award.  Washington ArtWorks has worked with us for over three years on a variety of projects, among them the "Fresh Faces" project which provided hair, makeup and ​professional quality photo shoots for over 145 older adults, Veterans and others with special needs.

More than anything else, the commitment and dedication of the staff, artists and partners at Washington ArtWorks was clearly demonstrated during the project.

We congratulate Washington ArtWorks and want the community to know all about it!

As time goes by, it's the fundamentals that apply...

Our "Fresh Faces" initiative is a reminder of how we all yearn for comfort and contentment - and being treated special once in a while.  Take a look at this touching and poignant video (at right) and a smile will absolutely come to your face ... Guaranteed.

In 2015, The Fenwick Foundation began a pilot to provide oral care and treatment to low-resource older adults living in long-term care centers.  We tested different approaches to care and enlisted the support of dentists, other dental professionals and our partners to address the financial and logistical needs of older adults.   The pilot taught us that while the financial challenges are understood to be the biggest impediment to oral care, the logistical challenges are a close second.  Our broader initiative is designed to bend the cost curve on care and to address the logistical needs of care.  Oral care for older adults ... just like for the rest of us.

Veterans from the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center heading to the movies

Residents from Hunter's Park Senior Apartments on their way out to dinner

​We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity 

For too many older adults, oral care is out of reach. We are determined to change this condition.

Our Newest Initiative - Oral Care for Older Adults 

We are passionate about improving the quality of life and health of older adults,

Veterans, individuals with special needs and caregivers 

Our programs focus on "below the radar" needs to tackle loneliness, isolation and boredom

The Fenwick Foundation Honors Washington Artworks for its commitment to older adults, Veterans and others with special needs


Washington Artworks!

Residents from Lee Health and Rehab take time for a group photo while enjoying a visit to Wilderness Road State Park in Ewing, VA

Melisa Loewe, Washington ArtWorks CEO and President, addressing attendees at the awards ceremony