The Fenwick Foundation has focused its efforts  primarily on people living in long-term care  residences.  We are also committed to assist  those who care for their spouses, parents,  relatives and friends who are living at home or  transitioning out of a  hospital or long-term care  facility,

 Caregiving is essential and, at the same time, can  be  very difficult, unrelenting and stressful.  Our  efforts are designed to provide respite and  support in ways that make the job just a bit  easier.   d


hat Veterans often are unable to get otherwise.



Support for Veterans ranges from sponsored events and activities to support (through our Fisher House affiliation) for Vets and their families to defray costs of traveling for health and medical care.

So many of our Veterans need some help or a lift from the burdens and challenges they face as a result of service to our country and all of us.  The Fenwick Foundation is committed to providing the types of support that Veterans often are unable to get otherwise.


We're passionate about getting individuals "out of the  house" for socialization, exercise and enjoyment.  Ballgames, theater, "out-to-eat" lunches and dinners, museum visits, bowling - just a few examples. 

Our goal is to impact and improve quality of life and wellbeing .   A simple goal - and  a fundamental one.

Older Adults and People With Special Needs

Our programs are having a   lasting impact on individuals. 

From "can't do" to "when's the next event."

A palpable sense of boredom  is clearly evident when one walks the halls of most long-term care facilities.  Quality of life (and health) suffer as a result.  We are determined to change this condition. 


  • MLB Baseball Games
  • "Out to Eat" Events
  • Museum Visits
  • Theater
  • Musical Events
  • Bowling
  • Trips to the Zoo
  • River Tours
  • Photo Sessions
  • NHL Hockey Games
  • College Football Games
  • Beauty Salon Visits
  • Many More

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​We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity