Enriching Lives ... One at a Time

Caregiver Respite and Support Program

Over 16,700


Caregiver Groups We Serve:

  • VA Caregiver Support Programs
    Washington DC, Baltimore, Durham, Perry Point, West Palm Beach, Wilkes-Barre, Miami, and Tampa

  • VA Medical Foster Home Programs
    Washington DC and Perry Point

  • ​Fisher Houses
    Washington DC and West Palm Beach

  • ​Capital Caring of Virginia
  • Fairfax County Family Caregivers Program​
  • ​DC Caregivers Institute/ Home Care Partners
  • Loudoun County Volunteer Caregivers​


  Caregiver Support Impact

Key Impacts of Caregiver Support Program

Needed respite from caregiving and "self" time 
Opportunities for 
improved relationships with family members

Respite gives a chance to have a break from the difficult, stressful and unrelenting responsibilities caregivers face in caring for their loved ones.  Our respite activities are similar to the activities we provide through our Enriching Lives Initiative.     

Over 72,000 ​hours of respite and support

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