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We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

This program provides caregivers with a chance to have a break from the difficult, stressful and unrelenting responsibilities they face every day. 

palpable sense of boredom is clearly evident when one walks the halls of most long-term care facilities.  ​Quality of life (and health) suffer as a result. 
​We are determined to change this condition. 

The program focuses on providing on-site treatment sessions, as well as prescriptions and eyeglasses, to low-resource older adults.       

We provide support to veterans, returning active military personnel and their families who are convalescing and/or traveling to receive care at VA Medical Centers and other military hospitals, through our affiliation with several Fisher Houses.  

Our dental care progam provides needed dental treatment to low-resource older adults, immigrant community adults, and individuals with disabilities who are not receiving adequate or any dental care.

Our programs are having a lasting impact on individuals. 

​We are passionate about providing mental health promoting social, entertainment, cultural and educational activities for our participants to "get out-of-the-house” for physical and mental stimulation and to enjoy the sorts of things we all enjoy in our lives and on which we thrive.

We partner with facilities, programs and other organizations in the Washington, DC metro area, Baltimore metro area and satellite locations in several states.  Click the link to view a current list of our partners.

Our gardening program fosters and encourages activity-based flower and gardening clubs and projects at long-term care residences.  Residents drive these programs for improved health via physical activity.

Enriching Lives ... One at a Time

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